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Who is HEIHEI?

HEIHEI is brought to you by a mighty tag team duo of NZ on Air and TVNZ, who both recognise the importance of embracing our cultural identity and developing kids’ curiosity and knowledge, particularly at a young age. We know a brighter, more colourful future starts with our tamariki. The more confident and accepting our children are, the better our nation can become. HEIHEI is the home of content made by some of our best producers and storytellers from all across New Zealand. They are committed to telling New Zealand stories that will spark children’s imaginations and we’re proud to feature their work on HEIHEI.

What is HEIHEI?

Imagine a place where our tamariki can see and hear themselves celebrated. A place that invites their culture, communities, life experiences and accents to be reflected back at them. HEIHEI is a bright and cheerful streaming platform filled exclusively with safe, age-appropriate content. It is packed full of stuff that speaks to those young at heart — a growing, organised catalogue of locally-made and handpicked international shows, stories, games and music. We also hold exciting competitions, with great prizes to be won. Through HEIHEI, our kids will learn. They will enjoy. And they will grow It’s free and ad-free. Yes, you read that right. You can start watching, listening and playing now!


Shouldn’t the question be, “Why not?” Why shouldn’t our children have access to diverse local media made specifically for them? Stories are vital for the development of identity and imagination. Stories relevant to their age and culture should be available to all New Zealand children. Children of all backgrounds, ethnicities and abilities should see and hear themselves reflected positively in local content. Plus, it’s only fair our kids get a turn, right? This is why handing them a digital content menu — filled with appetising, age-appropriate selections for their eyeballs and brains — makes sense. And who knows — you might like the stuff on HEIHEI just as much as them! Also, our platform is completely safe and you don’t have to worry about them somehow unlocking codes and watching stuff meant only for adults. So sit down and enjoy HEIHEI: a reliable place to satisfy your child’s hunger for quality digital screen entertainment.