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• What content is available on HEIHEI?

The content on HEIHEI is a combination of shows, games, audio and competitions. A lot of the content has been commissioned especially for HEIHEI and made by New Zealand creators. Alongside our locally made work is a curated selection of high quality international content.

• What age children is HEIHEI designed for?

HEIHEI is aimed mostly at children aged 5-9, but we’ve made sure that there’s content for kids of ages 4+ to love. And parents and caregivers too!

• What safety features are in the app?

All the content on HEIHEI is child-friendly and has been checked and curated by real people here in NZ. The app is free, with no in-app purchases or adverts. There are a limited number of links out to external sites and these sites are reputable child-friendly sites which are monitored regularly

• Are my details safe?

Yes. We don’t share or sell your details to anyone and we store them securely. For more information check out our privacy and safety page.

• What costs are associated with the app?

This is a free service provided by NZ On Air and TVNZ. There are no in-app purchases or hidden fees in HEIHEI. However, if you use mobile network connections (3G or 4G) your operator may charge you for the amount of mobile data you use. If you are unsure how much mobile data costs on your tariff, contact your network operator.

• What devices and operating systems is HEIHEI available on?

You can use the HEIHEI website on desktop computers and laptops at You can use the app on iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets. The following browsers are supported: Safari 11, Firefox 59, Chrome 66, IE 11, Edge 41. You can also Chromecast HEIHEI from your device to your TV.

• Why does this game take so long to load?

Depending on your internet connection, games can take several minutes to load. Be patient - they’re worth the wait!

• I wish to lodge a complaint about HEIHEI content

HEIHEI deals with such complaints in accordance with the TVNZ Complaints process. HEIHEI aims to respond to all complaints within 28 days of receipt. If a considered response cannot be provided quickly, an acknowledgement will be sent.

• I’m not in New Zealand - can I still watch HEIHEI content?

Due to current content restrictions, the HEIHEI site and app content can only be viewed in New Zealand at this stage. However, for a taste of what we’re about, you can watch some content on our NZHEIHEI YouTube page or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.

• I am not familiar with the Te Reo Māori words on the HEIHEI app/site. Help?

Kia ora/ Hello! We are proud to incorporate Te Reo Māori (one of the three official languages of Aotearoa/New Zealand) into HEIHEI. Here are some kupu/words you might come across on HEIHEI: Mātaki - Watch Tākaro - Play Whakarongo - Listen Whiwhinga - prizes Tamariki - children Heihei - chicken, noise, disturbance, commotion If you’d like to learn more about words found in the individual shows - we recommend searching

• Great, there are no ads - so how is HEIHEI funded?

HEIHEI is primarily funded by NZ on Air as part of their commitment to supplying New Zealand tamariki with quality, local and international content in an online space that feels distinctly kiwi, safe and fun. TVNZ are also investing in the project as part of the company’s commitment to being NZ’s local storyteller.

• I’m a teacher and want to use HEIHEI in the classroom - where can I find extra resources/support?

Great - we’d be happy to help with extra resources. We can contact our NZ HEIHEI producers so that you can make the most of the HEIHEI shows in your teaching. Get in touch - [email protected]

Still can't find the answer your looking for? Feel free to send your question to [email protected]. At HEIHEI we are dedicated to taking our time to get things right. This means that sometimes we can’t answer straight away — the right answer sometimes takes time! We, however, will always aim to get back to you within 48 hours of your question.